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5 in 1 Hot Air Brush Styler, Volumizer & Curler

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Blow-dry and style your hair at the same time with the 3-in-1 blow-dry brush. The brush combines a hair dryer, curling brush and straightener in one. Suitable for every hair type, hair thickness or preference thanks to 3 blowing settings, including a cold air setting. The brush has a ceramic coating so that your hair is protected against direct heat. Ionic technology prevents static and dry hair. Halve the time you need for dry, shiny, frizz-free hair with maximum volume!

The 3-in-1 hair dryer brush combines a hair dryer, curling brush and straightener in one. You dry and style your hair at the same time. No fumbling with a brush in one hand and a hair dryer in the other. The oval design is ideal for creating punch or more volume. The flexible nylon pins and bristles ensure silky smooth hair without tangles. In addition, the 2 meter long 360° rotating cord gives you complete freedom of movement.
Note: The head of the hair dryer brush is 11 cm wide. This makes the brush unsuitable for curling very short hairstyles.

For every hair type
With 1000W of power and 3 different blowing modes, you have the flexibility to style any hair type in 10-20 minutes. The hair dryer brush is equipped with a cold air setting, ideal for extensions, damaged or dyed hair. Choose LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH, depending on your hair type, thickness or preference:
→ LOW: Low temperature, high speed
→ MEDIUM: Medium temperature, low speed
→ HIGH: High temperature, high speed

Note: The LOW position has a low temperature, but a high blowing force. Use the MEDIUM position for the lowest blowing force.

Ceramic coating
The hair dryer brush has a ceramic coating, so that your hair is still healthy today, but also ten years from now. The coating ensures that the heat is evenly distributed over the entire hairbrush. It also protects your hair against the direct heat of the heating element. This allows the warm air to slowly penetrate your hair and heat it from the inside out without damaging your hair. 3-in-1 Hair Dryer Brush
Ionic technology prevents static and dry hair
Flexible nylon pins and brushes against tangles
Hair dryer, straightener and hairbrush in one
Ceramic coating protects your hair
3 temperatures: High, Middle, Low
Styles or just more volume / stroke
360° rotating cord
Drying and styling at the same time

What Does Ionic Technology Do?
The ionic technology of the hair dryer brush acts as a shield for your hair. Your hair is enveloped by negatively charged ions during blow-drying, so that they are better protected against the warm air. In addition, the negatively charged ions break up the positively charged water molecules, which speeds up drying. Ionic brushes prevent static and dry hair and give extra shine to your locks. You notice that your hair is wonderfully soft and smooth!

Seven usage tips

Provide towel-dried hair for faster results.
Brush your hair well after you wash it to prevent tangles.
Divide the hair into four sections with hair clips. Blow-dry every surface from bottom to top and don't grab too thick strands.
Start blow-drying close to the hair root and continue to the ends.
Hold the blow-dry brush close to the hair roots for 2 to 3 seconds for extra volume.
To curl the ends, place the blow-dry brush under the ends and hold for 2 to 3 seconds. Then slowly start turning inwards.
To curl the ends outward, place the blow-dry brush over the ends. Hold for 2-3 seconds and then begin to twist outward.

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